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Approaches to the management of demographic change

Podkarpackie Poland Saxony-Anhalt / Germany Pomurje / Slovenia Steiermark / Austria Del-Dunantul / Hungary Podlaskie / Poland


Sachsen-Anhalt / Germany

Sachsen-Anhalt is one of the five New Federal States in Eastern-Germany (largest cities: Halle (233.000) and Magdeburg (231.000, 2010).

Since the German reunification the state is strongly affected by the consequences of outmigration, over aging and deindustrialisation.

Young people, especially young women, are disproportionately overrepresented among the out-migrants…

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Steiermark / Austria

Styria is the second biggest state of Austria. To the south it shares a 145 km long border with Slovenia.

It is characterized by a slight increase of population (on the whole and regarding women) for which Graz (approx. 270,000 inhabitants) as point of attraction is responsible for.

Conversely, especially the north-western parts of Styria are characterized by negative migration balances…

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Del-Dunantul / Hungary

South-Transdanubia is a NUTS-3 region which consists of the three counties Baranya, Somogy and Tolna in southwestern Hungary sharing its southern border with Croatia. It also is bordered by the Danube and Drava Rivers and the Lake Balaton.

It has a population of about 933,000 inhabitants which has been severely decreasing over the last decade due to a surplus of deaths and outmigration…

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Podkarpackie / Poland

The region Podkarpackie is located in South-Eastern Poland and borders Slovakia and Ukraine. Traditionally, the rural character of the voivodeship is in contrast with the development of its larger cities.

Podkarpackie is basically an agricultural and industrial region. This is reflected by a comparable low urbanisation level. Recently the Aviation industry is the most noticeable element of the regional economy…

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Podlaskie / Poland

The Podlaskie Voivodeship is located in the north-east of Poland covering ca. 20,000 km² and is inhabited by ca. 1.2 million people.

The region is very sparsely populated. The population density is nearly half of the Polish average, due to a low level of urbanisation.

To the east it borders Lithuania and Belarus. Over the last decade the population decreased slightly…

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Slovenija / Slovenia

The region Pomurje is located in the North-eastern part of Slovenia (approx. 120.000 inhabitants, 90 inh./km2). It is influenced by its close relations to the neighboring countries Hungary, Austria and Croatia.

Main capital as well as economic and cultural center is Murska Sobota with 12.000 Inhabitants. Pomurje is considered to be the least developed region in Slovenia which is…

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