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Our aim: Limiting the female brain drain from Central Europe

News and Events

The study trips have been the basis of the pilot actions in the WOMEN project. Four transnational partner meetings in four different countries took place during more than two years of partnership. Highlights of the project’s duration are the award ceremony in Magdeburg and the scientific demography conference in Berlin (WOMEN forum), the WOMEN meeting in Brussels and the final conference in Stainz.

Final conference

All WOMEN partners experienced similar challenges. They implemented different pilot actions in their region to develop the situation of young women in rural areas.  All activities had been documented, evaluated,  compared and summed up during the last two years. The women project ended in December 2014. But before, we have shared our expereriences and projects results at our final conference on 20th of November 2014 in Stainz.

WOMEN in Brussels

Young women: A key target group for rural development in Europe.

The transnational forum is dealing with young women as a key target group of regional development strategies to tackle demographic change in rural areas. In this respect different concepts and experiences from six region ins Austria, Germany, Hungary, Poland and Slovenia will be discussed with practitioners, policy makers, entrepreneurs and women.

October 7th, 2014 at State Representation of the Federal State of Saxony-Anhalt
Boulevard Saint Michel 80, 1040 Brussels


4th transnational Partner Meeting ( Bialowiecza - Poland)

All partners exchanged their impressions on the efforts of all pilot actions in their regions and presented examples. Recommendations and lessons learnt from the first and second peer reviews had been discussed in workshops. Furthermore crucial elements of the event had been the development of the transnational strategy, the preparation of regional actions plans and the elaboration of a joint action plan.


Participants of the award ceremony in Magdeburg on March 13, 2014 got to know the rural area from the point of view of successful female entrepreneurs. Representatives of the government of Saxony-Anhalt entered into dialogue with women from rural regions.

Experts from different countries met at the international scientific conference  on March 14, 2014 in Berlin.  Key aspects of the event had been the precularities of rural labour markets and the significance of young women as a key target group of rural development strategies.

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3rd transnational Partner Meeting (Pécs - Hungary)

All project partners are  working on the implementation of the different pilot actions in their region. During the 3rd transnational Partner Meeting in Pécs on 24th and 25th of October 2013 the common efforts and the next steps will be discussed. The partner meeting also includes a session for exchanging ideas and concepts of the image campaigns in the different regions. Therefore the project partners are accompanied by the external experts, responsible for the concept of the image campaigns.

2nd transnational Partner Meeting (Murska Sobota)

The second round of transnational partner meetings in Murska Sobota (Slovenia) on 27-28 June 2013 content-wise defines core elements of the project, especially the roadmap of the four pilot actions, or the peer review as ongoing support to the partnership.

1st transnational Partner Meeting (Rzeszow)

At the first round of transnational meetings taking place in Rzeszow (Poland) from 19-20 February 2013 the WOMEN partnership set course for the intense phase of project implementation. Formal and administrative issues were organized and the cornerstones of project activities were agreed.

Study Trips

Small teams composed of staff members from different partners undertook study visits to Estonia (Tartu, 3 -5 June 2013), Spain (Madrid, 5-7 June 2013), and Sweden (Stockholm and Väster Norrland, 12-14 June 2013). Aiming at learning lessons from good practice initiatives the teams derived valuable input to the planned pilot actions.